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At the conclusion of each season, the WHTL board of directors and coaches vote on individual awards and the All League Team. Awards include:

MVP, Pitcher of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, and the All League Team.


Individual Winners

Batting Champion – Chris Demorais – Thermaxx Jackets

Rookie of the Year – Sean O’Malley – Columbus Auto Body

Manager of the Year – Len Calandro – Flanagan Associates

Pitcher of the Year – Bryson Cafaro – Baybrook Remodelers

Player of the Year – Chris Demorais – Thermaxx Jackets

All League Team

Catcher – Brian Rojee – Baybrook Remodelers

1st Base – Matt Bonvicini – All Brite Electric

2nd Base – Rick Offenberg – All Brite Electric

Shortstop – JT Lanese – Thermaxx Jackets

Third Base – Ryan Zahornasky – Thermaxx Jackets

Outfield – Giacomo Brancato – Baybrook Remodelers
Outfield – Ryan Donnelly – Thermaxx Jackets
Outfield – Chris Demorais – Thermaxx Jackets

Designated Hitter – Garrett Walker – Flanagan Associates

Starting Pitcher – Tim Brown – All Brite Electric
Starting Pitcher – Brian Gouin – Baybrook Remodelers
Starting Pitcher – Bryson Cafaro – Baybrook Remodelers
Relief Pitcher – Peter Jay – Thermaxx Jackets


Individual Winners

MVP: Ryan Zahornasky (Thermaxx Jackets)

Pitcher of the Year: Nick Guarino (Flanagan Associates)

Rookie of the Year:  Jafar Vohra (Flanagan Associates)

Batting Champion: Elijah Spitaj (Columbus Auto Body)

Most Improved: Tim Brown (All-Brite Electric)

Manager of the Year: Len Calendro

Sportsmanship Award: Gio Tirollo (Flanagan Associates)


Individual Winners


Pitcher of the Year: 

Rookie of the Year:  

Batting Champion: Mike Tamsin

Managers of the Year: 

Sportsmanship Award: Nick DeLizio

All League Team


Sal Savo (All-Brite)




Ryan Savio (All-Brite)

Designated Hitter:


Individual Winners

MVP: Ryan Zahornasky (Columbus)

Pitcher of the Year: Tom Carroll Jr. (Columbus)

Rookie of the Year: Evan Lumpinski (Columbus)

Batting Champion: Ryan Zahornasky (Columbus)

Managers of the Year: Tom Carroll and Lou Parise (Columbus)

All League Team


Mike Aquilino (Flanagan),

Brian Caselli (Thermaxx), 

Tom Carroll (Columbus)


Connor Crouse (Arcade)

Garrett Walker (Flanagan)

Mark Boland (Arcade)

Ryan Zahornasky (Columbus)


Cesar Gutierrez (All-Brite)

Evan Lumpinski (Columbus) 

Pat Sirois (Columbus)


Brooks Belter (All-Brite)

Designated Hitter:

Mark Consorte (All-Brite)


Individual Winners

MVP: Greg Pacelli (Thermaxx)

Pitcher of the Year: Brian Caselli (Thermaxx)

Rookie of the Year: Jose Negron (Columbus)

Manager of the Year: Ryan Geffert (Thermaxx)

Sportsmanship Award: Mark Boland (Arcade)

Batting Champion: Mike Tamsin (Flanagan)

Home Run Champion: Greg Pacelli (Thermaxx)

All League Team


E.J. Ashworth (Columbus)

Brian Casselli (Thermaxx) 

Harry Glynne (Flanagan)


Relief Pitcher:

Matt Ferraiolo (Thermaxx)


Christian Baglini (Thermaxx) 

Ryan Geffert (Thermaxx) 

Jose Negron (Columbus) 

Ricky Spencer (Baybrook)


Jake Saley (Thermaxx) 

Mike Tamsin (Flanagan) 

Ryan Verdi (Baybrook)


Mike DeMartino (Flanagan)

Designated Hitter:

Greg Pacelli (Thermaxx)

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