CT Gators
Associated with CORE Training
Academy, the CT Gators pride themselves on developing a leadership mindset into their Student-Athletes. 
At the CORE Training Academy our coaching staff believes that while our athletes are working to become stronger, faster, and more skilled student-athletes, it’s imperative that they simultaneously work to become active leaders in their surrounding community. Through our CORE Leadership Program our CORE Causes are framed and executed by our CORE Leaders throughout the calendar year.
COACH: Scott Szturma
Chris Cavallaro
John Chacho
John Chacho
Josh Cintron
Jake Dzicizkowski
MJ Dziciczkowski
Chad Fedeli
Griffen Geib
Liam Geib
Brett Hart
DJ Kirpas
Carl Maxwell
Justin Nyrandy
Cullen Roper
Hathaway Roper
Mike Swierczynski
Mike Szturma
Mike Szturma
Jean Colon
Dan Cruz
Anthony Dadio
Zachary DeManche
Aidan King
Jarred Kirk
Matthew LaCroix
Dylan Matchett
Hayden Miller
Elias Reid
Justin Roche
Jack Sweirczynski
Jack Warner
Jaden Wywoda
Frank Fedeli

CT Gators

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